How To Winterize Your Pressure Washer

When you run a professional painting company in the Denver area, you always have to take the winter weather into consideration especially when frequently using a pressure washer.

Keeping Your Pressure Washer Functional During Winter

Just like with the water pipes in your house, you must prepare your pressure washer for the winter months. If water remains in the washer, it can freeze, expand, and break your pump.

How to winterize your pressure washer

Here’s how to winterize your pressure washer:

  • Place the injection tube into a pail of clean water and run the pressure washer on the lowest setting for two minutes.
  • Depending on the local climate and weather, you may want to consider doing an antifreeze flush as well – something we always do here in Colorado.
  • Turn off the engine and the main water supply to finish.

Now, your pressure washer should be completely dry and devoid of excess water. Store it in a dry place over the winter.

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