How To Winterize Your Airless Paint Sprayer

This week, the Peak Pro Painting 101 Blog is back with another tip for preparing your painting equipment for cold weather. Read on to learn about winterizing your airless paint sprayer!

Preparing Your Airless Paint Sprayer For The Winter Months

Winterizing your airless paint sprayer is essential if you want to avoid it becoming damaged. Follow these steps to ensure its longevity:

  • Make sure the airless paint sprayer contains oil before you begin the winterization process.
  • Add a few cap-fulls per quart of mineral spirits.
  • Add many drops of Graco Throat Seal Liquid to the cup and rod while the pump cycles the protectant through.
  • When you turn off your sprayer after using the pump protectant, try to do it so that the rod is in the down position, in the fluid section.

How to winterize your airless paint sprayer

With these few simple steps, your airless paint sprayer will be ready to hibernate over the long winter! Check back into the Painting 101 Blog next week for more house painting ideas, information on our residential and commercial painting services, and painting advice from the professionals at Peak Pro!



Note: Peak Pro Painting is not responsible for any damages caused by misuse or mishandling of materials and techniques described herein.

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