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As the top house painting company in Colorado, we pride ourselves on our painting process that allows us to professionally complete each job.  We want every client to know exactly how the process works and what to expect when your Highlands Ranch painting company helps paint your home. This is what makes us the best painting contractor in the Denver Metro area, Highlands Ranch, and Lonetree.

Below we have laid out Peak Pro Painting’s 6 Step Process.


  • Project Estimator will contact homeowner(s) via phone
  • A quick 5-10 minute diagnosis of home will occur to better prepare homeowner(s) and Project Estimator for the estimate
  • Estimate date will be scheduled and you will be sent a confirmation email


Often overlooked is this critical step in the painting process. This is where YOU, the homeowner, decide on options for your home. Unlike most other painting contractors, we want to work with you and provide different solutions, instead of just throwing a random bid in your mailbox. The Project Estimator will arrive at your home. They will ask you several more questions in addition to the questions in the Introductory Phone Consultation regarding the painting of your home. The Project Estimator will then walk with the homeowner (s) around the exterior of the home.

Purpose: Our goal is to provide you with an honest estimate, which includes multiple pricing options. Your painting estimate will be the most affordable in the industry and will NEVER change in price during the process.

Tip:  Self-inspecting your home prior to the estimate will help the Project Estimator determine the best set of painting options for your project.


To assist with color decisions, the Project Estimator will provide a color deck during the initial inspection. Peak Pro Painting offers a free 1-time meeting with our color consultant for homeowners as well.

Tip: Staying with the same color is quite often a wise choice, unless you are truly unhappy with the existing color scheme. The reason is because sometimes changing colors will require 2-3 coats of paint, ending up costing you more, and may not be approved by the HOA (if you have one).


New Denver Painting Process Featured Image


Applying paint to a home is only a small part of the entire process. We believe that the initial preparation of your home, PRIOR to painting, is the most important factor in determining the quality and longevity of any project. In fact, preparation is over 75% of a high quality paint job. Most other contractors fail to recognize this fact, thus resulting in a sub-par finished product.

TIP: When receiving bids from anyone, remember to ask whatever you can about their preparation processes. Dig deep! This is the #1 way that painting contractors cut corners, since you can’t SEE the initial preparation after paint is applied.


We spray the exterior surfaces of the home using a pressure washer. Anti-Mold, a bio-degradable cleaning agent, can be added for a small additional fee.

Purpose: To remove dust, pollen, dirt, debris, old paint and any mold from painted surfaces. Primer and paint DO NOT bond well to dirty surfaces.


We use a 5-in-1 scraping tool to gently glide over areas of cracking and peeling paint. Old caulking is removed from surface cracks.

Purpose: Not to dig into the surface, but to gently shave off failing areas of paint in preparation for sanding.


Depending on surface topography, light to heavy grit sandpaper is used to ROUGHEN up the area. Purpose: To open up pours on the surface, ensuring a bumpy surface for primer to  bond.


Top-Quality Primer is applied to bare surfaces after washing, scraping and sanding has taken place.

Depending on your warranty option, either SPOT priming takes place, or a FULL coat of primer can be applied.

Purpose: Primer soaks into the pores created by sanding, creating a solid foundation for paint to bond. It also creates an extra barrier against the harsh elements of Colorado and improves home energy efficiency.

Tip: We recommend a full coat of primer on sides of the home with prolonged exposure to sun, wind, snow, and rain. Here in Colorado, along the Front Range, this includes South-, West- and North-facing sides of a home, depending on protection from bushes and trees.


We inject 100% Acrylic Caulk with Silicone into major cracks on the side of your home. Most of these cracks will appear around window and door frames. Over time, as a home shifts and settles into the earth, especially in areas with soil content high in Bentonite, large cracks will appear in home joints.

Areas known for expansive soil along the Front Range include Broomfield, Louisville, and Superior.

Purpose: Caulking is applied to large cracks and smoothed out, thus creating a uniform sealed envelope around the home. This prevents penetration from the elements, bugs and other critters. It also increases the overall energy efficiency of the home.

TIP: Watch out for other contractors who use “contractor grade” caulk on your home for ANY renovation project. This stuff is cheap – and you get what you pay for. In as little as two years, this caulking becomes hard and falls out of the cracks. This causes air holes to form all around the exterior of your home, like an unsealed envelope. Air penetrates these small cracks, causing a decrease in your home’s insulation efficiency – increasing your energy bill!


After all surfaces are power washed, scraped, sanded, primed, and caulked, the final preparation step happens. We mask all windows, doors, and fixtures, and place drop sheets on ground surfaces. This home is now ready for painting!

Purpose: To protect unwanted surfaces from being painted!


Occasionally – especially on older homes – board replacement or puttying holes in wood may be necessary. Stucco homes may also require patching where the stucco has failed from weather, birds, or other critters.


After a full-stage preparation happens and the home has ample time to dry, our painters will begin applying paint to your home.


We recommend spraying the body of your home if it is built with:

  • Wood or Composite Siding
  • Painted Brick
  • Stucco
  • Eaves (If same color as body of home)

Purpose: Spraying with high-PSI spray guns allows the paint to penetrate surface imperfections more evenly. Spraying is also much faster than rolling.

Spraying is a much more cost-effective method for applying paint to large surfaces, saving you more money in the long run.


Depending on the width, length and surface imperfections, the following are common areas which will be painted with rollers or brushes:

  • Window/Door Trim
  • Body Trim
  • Fascia
  • Vents
  • Gutters/Downspouts
  • Eaves (If different color than body)

Tip: Multiple coats may be required if we’re changing the paint colors of these features. Higher quality paint is recommended for trim and highly exposed areas in order to prevent weathering.


The remaining balance for the project will be due after the project is complete.


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