Denver Residential Painting Services

Peak Pro Painting is a top rated residential and commercial painting company serving the Denver metro area. We specialize in high quality exterior house painting and staining. Our professional painting home painters are trained and insured to guarantee consistent quality to all of our customers in along the Colorado Front Range. Our residential painting cost is competitive and affordable for our customers. As top-level painting contractors, we operate extensively on the Front Range of Colorado – our customers are located all around the Denver Metro area, including Highlands Ranch, Lonetree, and beyond.

Exterior Home Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is often a daunting and scary task to complete on your own, but exterior re-paints are the bread and butter of our company! We understand the harsh climate in Colorado can make exterior painting in Denver difficult, and can really take a toll on your home. When we do house painting in Denver and Highlands ranch an surrounding areas; we always use the best products available.

When we take on exterior painting in Denver Peak Pro can’t stress it enough how important the prep work is! Peak Pro prepares through a professional process to make sure the finished product will last! Prep starts with a full power wash, followed by proper caulking, scraping, sanding, priming and masking. House painting follows after the preparation is complete.

If you believe that you are the master home painter but just need some house painting ideas for your Denver home-check out our instagram! Peak Pro has lots of recommendations on house painting if you plan on trying it yourself. Check out our blog for help on your DIY exterior painting projects. Our blogs offer some great advice on exterior painting in Denver and beyond. We teach you how to paint like a pro the Peak Pro way, through our professional painting expertise. Luckily, there is always the option to have your favorite highlands ranch painting company do it for you.

Interior Home Painting

Do you have great interior painting ideas? Many homeowners consider interior painting to be much easier than exterior painting, UNTIL they start painting it themselves. More often than not, interior painting projects are more difficult than exterior projects. Why? A much higher level of detail is required for interior prep and painting!

Bucket on a ladder, highlighting Colorado residential painting services offered by Peak Pro Painting

Interior painting is another great service offered by Peak Pro Painting. Our house painting ideas are second to none. We have the utmost confidence in the products we use inside of your home – which never include VOCs (volatile organic compounds)! This is just one of the reasons we’re the #1 Denver painting company. If you would like assistance painting your home request a quote from the best Highlands Ranch Painting Company!

Window and Trim Painting

Here in Colorado, the body (siding) on your home will often still be in decent shape, but the trim and windows are in serious need of repainting. We offer this service as well! If you only need piecework done on your house, we will take care of it. Most other contractors will only offer to paint your ENTIRE exterior; we are happy to paint PARTS of your exterior.

Pergolas and Patio Covers

Many homeowners choose to tackle pergolas and patio covers themselves and quickly realize how much TIME these structures take to stain or paint! This is due to the amount of angles and individual boards and posts that require coverage. This service is included as an addition to your other exterior needs.

Wood Replacement

Colorado weather takes a major toll on your home with the snow, rain, hail, wind and sun that we receive on an annual basis.  As a result, dry rot often appears on the siding and trim boards on the exterior of your home. Your Highlands Ranch Painting company offers replacement of any wooden siding and trim boards that may be experiencing dry rot! However, we do not offer windowsill replacement and full siding replacement – if you are in need of these services, contact a window and siding contractor.


Do you need interior or exterior house painting services and an affordable painting cost from the best contractors in Colorado? Do you live in the Denver Metro area, Highlands Ranch, or Lonetree, Colorado? Will you settle for nothing less than the best home/Denver commercial painting company in the area? Then contact Peak Pro Painting today! We are the best house painting company in Denver!

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