How to Replace a Trim Board

How to Replace a Trim Board by Peak Pro Painting
Rotting trim boards are inevitable. Especially for many Colorado residents the elements take a toll on the finishing touches of our homes. Replacing these rotten boards with fresh new wood every 8-12 years is an important aspect of regular home maintenance. At Peak Pro Painting we make sure that these trim boards are replaced properly to ensure the completed project has as much longevity as possible. If you’re wondering how to replace a trim board on your home, follow these easy tips to make sure the project is done right.

1. Remove the old boards & siding

The first step to replacing a tim board is to carefully remove the old wood without damaging other trim boards or siding.

2. Measure for the new piece

Once you remove the old board measure the area where the new wood will go. Take a piece of the old wood with you to the store when you purchase wood to match the trim board you need to get.

3. Ensure Perfect Placement

Once you have the wood measured out, cut it carefully and nail it in to the place where the old wood was. Once its nailed in, apply caulking all around the trim board. Prime the board and paint it.