How to Power Wash A House with Siding

Power washing your house is an essential step in exterior paint prep. If you don’t properly power wash your house your new paint job will lack in quality. As Denver’s leading residential painting contractors, Peak Pro Painting knows the importance of a properly executed power washing job. If you are one of the many Colorado homeowners with a house with siding your home is going to require some extra special care for painting prep. Follow these easy and professional steps to properly power wash a house with siding:

1. Ensure Your House is Ready

The first step is to make sure all windows and doors are completely shut. Then, move all lawn and patio furniture at least 6 feet away from the house.

2. Power Wash from the Top Down

Once that is done you can start power washing the home. Start from the top of the house. Hold the gun out about 12-18 inches away from the siding.

3. Work in Even, Horizontal Motions

Move the gun in an even, horizontal pattern. Work your way down each wall doing one side at a time until the whole house is done. Remember, the purpose of a power wash is just to get the loose dirt off of the house, and prep for a fresh exterior paint job!
How to Power Wash a House with Siding by Peak Pro Painting

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