Tips for Caulking the Exterior of Your Home

When caulking the exterior of your home, you should give the process a lot of thought, time and effort. In this Peak Pro Blog we have some helpful tips that we keep in mind when we caulk the exterior of our clients residential homes.

Why you Should Caulk the Exterior of your Home

When repainting your house, caulking is one of the most important steps. It is a simple way to protect the longevity of your paint and your home. Caulking is used to fill any crack that may allow water, pests, or cold air to enter your home. It should also be used wherever two different materials come into contact on your home, like metal siding attached to brick. This will help your home repel water and other hazards. Sealing the exterior of your house will help avoid water build up that would collect behind the paint creating water pockets that cause the paint to bubble and peel, or even mold. Luckily this can all be avoided with the necessary step of caulking the exterior of your home.


Know Where NOT to Caulk

The general rule of thumb is if the original contractor didn’t caulk it the first time then you don’t need to re-caulk that area. It is important to NOT caulk the gaps behind siding and trim boards, therse are important for allowing proper air circulation. Remember your home was meant to breathe, move, and flex. If you are looking for a tutorial of how to caulk the exterior of your home, watch this helpful video!


Choosing the Right Caulk

This may be the most important part about caulking the exterior of your home; buying the right caulk. The caulking on the exterior of your home should remain flexible even in extreme weather conditions. Before caulking the intersection between different materials, make sure that the manufacturer recommends it for both materials. Some caulks are not paintable, so make sure that if you intend to paint it, that it will retain color. Peak Pro highly recommends that you chose a caulk with a 55 year warranty. It will last longer and shouldn’t split within the first few years like other caulking. As I said before caulking should be given a lot of thought time and effort, so make sure to choose the right caulk that is of good quality.


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