How to Paint Cabinets

Love everything about your new home- except the outdated cabinets. Before you think about replacing them with a newer edition, consider giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Painting your cabinets can offer a cheap alternative to remodeling outdated cabinets. In this post, we’re going to describe how the professionals at Peak Pro Painting professionally paint cabinets.


Clear out all cabinets

First things first with any painting job, you must remove all valuables from where you are painting. Not only around the kitchen or living room but you must remove anything in the cabinets before painting.


Clean any grease, dirt and dust off the cabinets

Kitchen cabinets end up collecting lots of dust and grease over the years, and it is essential that you give them a good cleaning so that the paint can adhere to the cabinets and not the grime! If it is possible, you may want to consider removing the doors to the cabinets and any handles or screws that might accidentally get painted. Using a degreaser and a soft rag should do the trick for this step.



Next you are going to sand the face of the cabinets lightly with a sanding sponge to remove any gloss as well as creating an even surface for painting. A 120- to 220-grit sandpaper works best for this task, and if you can get your hands on a professional sanding sponge, you’re in business! Sanding sponges are especially great for contoured paneled doors.


Paint cabinets and doors

Peak Pro loves to use a paint sprayer for almost any task, but especially when painting cabinets! We love using an airless paint sprayer because of the flawless finish it leaves. However if this is not attainable, a paint brush and roller will do just fine at this task! Lay down a drop cloth and mask the edges of the cabinets and get ready to apply your stain-blocking, oil based bonding primer to the cabinets. When your cabinets are dry, apply desired paint color. Peak Pro tip: chose a semi gloss finish on kitchen cabinets so that cleaning products don’t rip off the paint.  


Reinstall doors after they’re completely dry

As soon as your freshly painted cabinets and cabinet doors are completely dry, get ready to reinstall!


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