How To Pick The Perfect Gray Paint

The color gray is both classic and modern, as it’s a neutral color that goes with just about anything! In today’s modern furniture craze, a cool gray can function with just about anydécor. So whether you are sporting an antique motif in your home with curvy, sensual lines; Oran Ikea modern set of furniture with crisp clean lines, a gray color will only enhance your palette.

Deciding on the shade of color can be a bit more tricky. If your furniture is on the lighter side, to dark of a gray can overshadow the furniture, so look atDovetail Gray or French Gray. If your furniture is of a darker nature, it would depend on the room. If in a kitchen or smaller living space, stick with lighter colors because it will brighten the home and give it a clean, cool feel.

Darker grays in bedrooms create a warm, cozy atmosphere. To see what our residential painters can do for your home, fill out this form for a quote.

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