Save Time & Money With Snowbound

We recommend using Snowbound for a few important reasons! The first of which is that it will save you money. Because Snowbound using raw umber as a base, you are getting a true white which has impeccable cover. Typically our painters can use 2coats to cover, rather than atypical 3 coats on the trim. This saves you money because we aren’t using as much paint (typically)and that means less labor in your home. The big exceptions to this typical 2 coat rule are if we are painting over a darker trim, such as a navy blue, black, or even a yellow, as yellow will shine through a white paint. The second reason we recommend Snowbound is that is a bright white color that goes with just about any other exterior color.

With Colorado’s extreme weather, fading WILL happen even if its 10 years down the road, and with Snowbound it fades gracefully. Instead of going to a classic white, which can yellow over time, Snowbound will fade to a softer white but it is still a white.

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