How to Remove Paint from Cement

Have you ever accidentally spilled paint on your driveway or sidewalk, without the know-how to get it off? You’re not alone! Today, we share with you the Peak Pro process for removing paint from cement.

How to remove wet paint from cement

It’s simple! If the paint is still wet, simply use water and a plastic brush to remove it from the cement.


How to remove dry paint from cement

This process is a bit more involved, but still pretty simple! You’ll need a latex-based paint remover (like Lift Off), a wire brush and warm water. First, apply the paint remover to the area of the cement you want to clean, and let it sit for one minute. Next, pour the warm water over the cement and gently scrub it with the wire brush. This will eventually lift the paint from the cement. In some instances where the paint is especially dry, you may have to repeat this process multiple times.

We hope this helps clear up any paint-related problems you may be having with your cement. Tune in to the Peak Pro Painting 101 blog next week to learn how to mask a roofline!


Note: Peak Professional Painting is not responsible for any damage caused by improper handling of materials.



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