Achieve Straight Lines While Painting

Achieve Straight Lines While Painting with FrogTape by Peak Pro Painting.FrogTape allows for an easy way to achieve straight lines while painting. Many people will find FrogTape products easier to use for masking than traditional caulk/tape methods. Whether the areas have smooth or textured surfaces (minus some very rough/pointy surfaces), there are multiple types of tape to choose from with FrogTape.

For smoother surfaces, use the Green-colored tape. As with all tapes, make sure to firmly press the edge into place. Allow the paint to cure for at least several hours, so that you don’t rip the new paint while peeling away.

For textured surfaces, the Orange tape is amazing. Simply lay the tape, press firmly and coat with the included textured surface liquid. The end result will be VERY straight lines on the rough surfaces.

FrogTape in Action with Peak Pro:

Green Frog Tape in action

You may need to experiment with peeling the tape straight or at angles to achieve the straight edges.

FrogTape uses proprietary Polymer technology that allows the tape to smoothly “un-bond” with paint, compared to traditional masking tape.

Make sure to monitor your local paint suppliers for FrogTape deals, as pricing can be high for normal retail price on the tape.

Regardless of cost, FrogTape will help you achieve professional results. This is a group of products that hold true on their promise. Anyone attempting to paint on his or her own should make FrogTape a mandatory addition to their painting tool kit.

By Grant Tallmadge

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