How to Paint Stucco Finish

Many homeowners, especially in Colorado, love the aesthetic of a stucco finish on all or part of their home. A stucco finish can really enhance a rustic western or Latin American design scheme. Because stucco has so much texture, it can be a really tricky area to repaint. If not painted correctly, a few weeks later you’ll start seeing spots of the old color showing through the texture. In this blog post we are going to share our tips and tricks for repainting a stucco wall for a quality, lasting finish.

Prep Your Stucco

Before you begin applying paint to your stucco finish, you may have some cracks you need to repair. First you’re going to adequately clean the textured stucco finish. Then caulk any cracks and patch and damaged areas. For a comprehensive overview of each of these steps, check out our earlier blog post on How to Prep Stucco for Painting.

Back Roll Paint Your Stucco

Before you spray or roll paint onto your stucco wall, start with a layer of back rolling. Back roll your paint by rolling the paint roller down the wall in a downward motion. This will make sure that you apply a layer of paint over the “up-side” of the stucco wall texture. This technique is especially important if you have decided to spray paint your surface. Back rolling the surface will allow the paint to fill all of the pores in the stucco and reduce the chances of your old paint color showing through several weeks later.

Apply Your Finishing Coat

After you have back rolled your stucco, now apply your final paint finish, whether this is with a hand roller or with a consistent spray paint. Your technique for the finishing coat is really a matter of personal preference. There are many who prefer hand rolling or find it to be more accessible for DIY exterior home updates. Here at Peak Pro Painting, we prefer the convenience and consistency provided by handheld paint spraying tools.

Pro Tip from Peak Pro Painting

For back rolling and applying your final finish, use a thicker paint roller than you would for a smooth interior wall. The rough, textured stucco finish is very absorbent and requires excessively thick paint to look consistent. A thicker paint roller will help you apply a more cohesive layer of thick paint to your stucco finish.

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