Handheld Sprayers for Interior Paint Jobs

Handheld sprayer for interior paint

At Peak Pro Painting we think using a sprayer is the best way to get a consistent interior or exterior paint finish. Our professional painting contractors use handheld sprayers for interior paint jobs to allow for comfortable use and a PERFECT finished product.

Our preferred handheld sprayer for interior paint is the Graco TrueCoat II Plus Airless Paint Sprayer offers a wide variety of features and benefits. Its compact design allows for completing small projects with ease, with the trusted reliability of a Graco sprayer.

This particular spray gun is very simple to use. Simply fill the paint cup with paint and fasten back onto the sprayer and prime the pump with the flip-up primer switch.

When ready to spray, you can adjust the pressure of the sprayer with the easy dial system, depending on the viscosity of the material being sprayed.

Spraying is the same as with a detached gun/hose on a traditional sprayer. One must make sure not to spray in an arched pattern, but rather a smooth side to side motion to allow for even coating.

Multiple spray tips are available depending on the desired spray fan size and material being sprayed.

Cleanup is simple as well and takes about 5-10 minutes; much faster than a traditional airless sprayer that take 20-30 minutes.

The sprayer’s design is great for resting on 5 gallon buckets as well during cleanup.

This model runs on a standard electrical outlet and an extension cord is required.

Additional filler cup bags may be purchased as well to allow for easier cleanup.

The main downfall of this product is it’s weight; when filled with paint it easily weighs over 10 pounds, which will make ones wrists and shoulders tired and fatigued after prolonged periods of spraying. A traditional paint sprayer wins in this situation.

Overall, this is a great buy for anyone looking to tackle their own small painting projects, such as individual rooms or doors/cabinets. This sprayer is also great for spraying trim work.

The cost is well worth the time saved on painting versus traditional brushing and rolling and will achieve professional end results.

By Grant Tallmadge, Peak Pro Painting.

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