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Austin and Denver painting contractors you need for creating a beautiful home
At Peak Professional Painting, we are proud to be one of the top residential painting contractors in Denver, Colorado. Established in May 2012, Peak Professional Painting is a locally-owned and operated Denver painting company that has been doing a commendable job assisting homeowners transform their home's exteriors and interiors.

As a residential painting company, we strive to deliver the best whenever we undertake any Denver painting project. Our team of painters understands the unique painting needs of each homeowner and customize ideas accordingly to serve them creatively. Our quest for perfection and our zeal to reach the top makes us one of the best residential and commercial painting companies in the whole of Colorado.

Professional painters inside and outside of the home
Our team of professional painters at Peak Professional Painting shares the responsibility of beautifying and protecting your home through our services. Whether you are looking for residential painters or commercial painters for your painting project, we can provide what you want.

Residential painting
It can be a challenge to find the right professionals to paint your home. Our team of expert residential painters ensures that the final outcome will be to your satisfaction. Our Denver residential painting services provide homeowners with the peace of mind knowing that our workers will care for your home as their own at every stage of the project. Our residential painters can creatively play with the right colors to create a beautiful haven for you and your family. Choose our Denver residential painting services to give your home a makeover.

Commercial painting
Whether it's an office building or retail store, our commercial painting services can help property managers and owners repaint their buildings throughout the Denver metro area. At Peak Professional Painting, we understand that any Denver commercial painting project would require a focused and disciplined approach from scratch. This is exactly what our team of commercial painters brings to the table. Our Denver painters know the painting needs of commercial establishments and strive to deliver a seamless experience for property owners and real estate managers alike.

Porch and deck refinishing
If you are like many homeowners you know that your porch and deck are often the first place that become worn and tattered. Our Denver painters specialize in porch and deck refinishing for both residential and commercial establishments. Our team of Denver painters will ensure that your home gets a beautiful makeover without breaking your bank.

The painting contractors you can trust
We, Peak Professional Painting, believe in achieving excellence in whatever we do.

Commitment to quality
Our professional painting contractors are strongly committed to the quality of the painting. We ensure that we produce high-quality work so that you get what you pay for.

Our unwavering focus on excellent customer service makes us good communicators. We provide regular follow-up to our clients and keep them informed about every stage of their painting project.

With us, you can be sure of the timely completion of your painting project, thus helping you overcome the disadvantages of DIY projects.

Attractive deals
We offer 10% coupons for clients who decide to go with us the same day of getting their estimate.

Whether it's residential or commercial painting, Peak Professional Painting can help you recreate your space in the most appealing way possible. Contact us for a quote today.

Peak Pro’s Painting Project Tips & Inspiration:

  • How to choose the right stain color for your project?

    How to choose the right stain color for your project?

    Using a semi-transparent stain will bring out the color of wood and highlights the wood grain. You can also use a stain to hide blemishes in the wood, or even to simply protect the wood.

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  • Why it’s important to limit the number of colors on your home?

    Why it’s important to limit the number of colors on your home?

    We’ve all been to a house that a different color on every wall. It’s stressful! Scientific studies have been conducted that show color affects your mood. The more colors, the chaos in a room. Further, the more colors in a single room, the smaller the room will look. Instead, try allowing the eye to “rest” […]

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  • Thinking of a red accent? Try Sun Dried Tomato!

    Thinking of a red accent? Try Sun Dried Tomato!

    Sundried Tomato is a lovely red color. Bright enough to be vibrant, but dark enough to add a pop of color without it looking like something out of a circus tent. A red door is a bold and distinctive move that enhances black, white, or beige trim.

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  • How To Add A Pop Of Color To The Exterior Of Your Home

    How To Add A Pop Of Color To The Exterior Of Your Home

    No shutters? No problem! Where to place your exterior accent color! Accent colors make your house pop but not everyone has shutters. Often we can accent your doors to make them pop and your house more individualized. Placing an accent color on your gables, vertical siding pieces, or posts on your porch add a little […]

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  • Why less color is more

    Why less color is more

    Sometimes people ask our opinion on more than 3 colors on the exterior. We always tell them less color is always more. We have all seen the houses that have more than one body color, plus trim and accent. It simply looks too busy. Like there is too much going on. If you keep it […]

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  • Why Are Test Patches Important Before Painting?

    Why Are Test Patches Important Before Painting?

    Color can be tricky when approached by a different light. What may look like a deep blue, may be more of gray-blue when sunlight hits that side of your house! The same can be said of interior painting. Different times of day can give your living room a different hue than in the morning light! […]

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  • Add a Pop of Color To Your Brick Home

    Add a Pop of Color To Your Brick Home

    Pick colors that match with your brick by finding the colors within the brick that speak to you. Not all brick is JUST red, there are so many shades that can bring out the tones and accents within the brick that you like. Alternatively, instead of matching the brick, find a color that makes that […]

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  • How to pick colors that go with your stone

    How to pick colors that go with your stone

    One challenge we’ve come across is picking colors when there is stone or brick in the picture. Here are a few tips to help pick the right color around stone or brick. If the brick/stone has red (or warm colors) always try to stick with warm colors. If the stone has blue, gray or other […]

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  • Navy Blue as an accent color.

    Navy Blue as an accent color.

    Have you ever thought about using navy blue as an accent color? Navy blue is a great dark color that can be used as an accent color. Not as bold and bring as reds, yellows or teals but also not as dark and bland as blacks or charcoal grays. We think it’s a great choice […]

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  • How To Pick The Perfect Gray Paint

    How To Pick The Perfect Gray Paint

    The color gray is both classic and modern, as it’s a neutral color that goes with just about anything! In today’s modern furniture craze, a cool gray can function with just about anydécor. So whether you are sporting an antique motif in your home with curvy, sensual lines; Oran Ikea modern set of furniture with […]

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  • Black is Back!!!

    Black is Back!!!

    Tricorn Black is a fantastic color for accenting your home! Black is timeless that draws the eye and gives your home a classic look. It goes with just about every color that you can choose for both the body color on your home as well as tying in your trim color.

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  • Why You Should Choose Iron Ore for your exterior  color?

    Why You Should Choose Iron Ore for your exterior color?

    Iron Ore is a deep gray that is both classic and modern. This color will be a show-stopper from your neighbors typical modern beige homes! And though Sherwin Williams has several grades of paint that have varying degrees of fade protection, as this house fades it will fade into lighter grays that are still complimentary. […]

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“Peak Pro painted our home and our painter, James, was awesome! His attention to detail, commitment to quality work and ability to work through adverse weather conditions resulted in our house looking amazing! He kept in touch with us and worked around our schedule. He was very considerate and dedicated, and also very kind and patient with our small children who were curious about him! Most importantly, he was able to put up with a fairly particular customer (me) and did so graciously. Thanks James!” Jane, Arvada, Colorado

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