How to Paint a Garage Door

How to paint a garage doorUpgrading the exterior of your home’s facade can be a time consuming process; trimming around all of your windows and fixtures, painting your front door without leaving brush strokes or streaks, and perfectly painting a garage door. At Peak Pro Painting we aim for flawless execution every time we paint a house. Garage doors can prove a pesky part of the residential painting process if they are not painted correctly. In this blog post we are going to share our tips for painting a garage door to avoid peeling and exposed edges.

Step One: Spray or Roll the Garage Door

Before we can worry about the edges of our garage door panels we have to paint the primary facade of the door. Spray or roll a consistent coat of your new paint color over the surface of the garage door panels with the door in the closed position. If the your garage door panels are finished metal or have an extremely high gloss texture, consider using a foam roller to avoid streaking. (Click here to learn about using a foam roller on high gloss surfaces to prevent leaving brush marks.)

Step Two: Open Garage Door and Paint Edges

When you have finished painting the facade, move your garage door to the open position. Using a 4-6 foot ladder paint the edges of the garage door panels that were previously covered by the rubber weather strip.

Forgetting to paint the edges of your garage door is a common DIY mistake. Homeowners are satisfied after they paint a garage door in the closed position and go weeks before they notice they missed this small detail. If you’re ready to revamp the exterior of your home with the help of a professional, Peak Pro will take the DIY painting project off your hands and give you the professional paint look. Request a quote here from the best Highlands Ranch painting company!

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