How to Paint a Front Door Without Leaving Brush Marks

How to Paint a Front Door without leaving brush marksThe exterior of your home is your first opportunity to make a positive impression on your guests
and neighbors. Especially your front door! How you paint a front door of a home has the chance to speak volumes about the residents that live inside. A bright purple front door alludes to creative residents while a cream front door likely serves a more moderate bunch. A front door covered in sloppy brush marks sends a message of different kind to your visitors. Painting your front door with a hand brush or standard polyester paint roller can leave visible marks that jeopardize the aesthetic of your home exterior.

At Peak Pro Painting it is our goal to uphold the highest standard of quality possible. This means no brush marks on any of our finished products. So how do we paint a front door without leaving brush marks? Here’s the secret!

Peak Pro’s Trick for Flawless Front Doors

Spaying a front door is a great way to get the clean look your front door needs, but what most people don’t know is that there’s actually an easier way to get the same clean result; a foam paint roller. A foam paint roller will not leave brush stroke marks, in fact, it won’t leave any marks if you use it correctly! Foam rollers are designed specifically for smooth surfaces and for use with high gloss paint for this reason!

Foam rollers don’t hold as much paint as standard wool or polyester paint rollers, therefore, it takes more time but it leaves a great clean look. You can find foam paint rollers at your local painting supply store. Painting your front door can be a fun day project. Are you ready for an extensive overhaul for the exterior of your home? Contact Peak Pro Painting today for a free painting cost estimate. Check out our Pinterest for some  great home painting ideas for our Denver residents!

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