How To Paint New Drywall

When finishing a new addition to your home – like a new room or a new wall – it’s important to take the time to do it right! Check out Peak Pro’s tips for painting new drywall.

Take The Time To Prime

Before you can paint anything, you need something to paint! Once you’ve applied new drywall texture to the wall(s) you’re working on, give it a full day to dry. Once it’s dry, it’s time to paint!

The most important part of any home painting project is priming. In preparation to paint your new drywall fixture, take the time to give it one or two coats of primer. The more time you put into priming, the better your paint will look!

How to paint new drywall

Once there’s a full, thick layer of primer on the wall, paint the wall however you envision. Remember, the better your coat of primer, the lower the chance of interior flashing. Flashing happens when the old layer of paint remains visible and gives your wall an uneven color.


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