How to Clean a Paint Sprayer

If you’re repainting the exterior or interior of your residential property you’ve probably chosen to use an airless paint sprayer because of the flawless finish it leaves. Airless paint sprayers have gotten easier to use for home owners looking for a quick DIY spruce up, offering a far less time consuming technique compared to hand rolling paint onto any large surface. If you’ve chosen to invest in an airless paint sprayer you’ll want to make sure you prevent dry paint build up in the device by properly cleaning and storing your sprayer. In this post, we’re going to describe how the professionals at Peak Pro Painting clean a paint sprayer, and prepare them for storage.

Prepare Your Sprayer for Cleaning

Do not let paint dry or gunk up inside your paint sprayer. It is important to clean your paint sprayer promptly upon finishing your painting project. Take your airless paint sprayer to an area with an accessible large capacity drain, like a floor drain, sewage drain, or utility sink. Prepare two 5 gallon buckets of water.

Run Water Through Sprayer

Turn down the pressure on your paint sprayer to a medium-low pressure. Start running the first 5 gallon bucket of water through the sprayer. When you have drained the first bucket, start running the second 5 gallon bucket of water through the sprayer. You will know that your airless paint sprayer in clean when the water coming of the sprayer no longer has any tint of your paint color.

Prepare Your Sprayer for Storage

Once you have ensured that there are no residual paint in your sprayer it is time to prepare it for storage. Wipe any excess paint off the outside of your sprayer and make sure it is clean and dry. If this is the last time you will be using your airless paint sprayer for the season, be sure to follow these 4 Steps to Winterize Your Paint Sprayer.


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