Why We Use Lift Off to Clean Up Paint

Lift Off helps remove paint from flagstone

Why Lift Off?

Peak Pro Painting trusts Lift Off for all of our paint-removal needs. Lift Off is a latex-based paint removal product. From our experience, Lift Off is the most effective brand for removing paint from many different surfaces: flagstone, cement, windows, siding, wood, metal, even roofs! When used properly, Lift Off rarely (if ever) causes damage – for the most part, we’ve found that the tools some people choose to use along with Lift Off are what can cause problems. Luckily, Peak Pro always uses the right tools and products for the job!

Check out our other blog posts for more details on cleaning specific surfaces with Lift Off!


Note: Peak Pro Painting is not responsible for any damage caused by improper usage of Lift Off.

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  1. Drummy says:

    Have you had any luck getting sun-baked overspray off of exterior brick? If so, what tool did you use in conjunction with the Lift Off? Thanks.

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