Do You Tip a House Painter?


Do You Tip A House Painter?

What is Appropriate and What to Consider

Why might I tip a waitress? Perhaps she was timely and attentive and brightened my day a little with her cheerful demeanor. What about a mover? If I noticed that he took the time reinforce the tape on the bottom of my heaviest boxes to ensure that my belongings were secure, and took care not to tramp mud into my house, I’d say he earned it. All service industries, painting included, are similar in this respect. If someone is friendly, thoughtful and goes a little above-and-beyond, we customarily reward them with a 10%-15% tip as a symbol of our acknowledgement and appreciation. Anyone can grasp a brush and maneuver their arm up and down to apply paint to a surface, but professional painting is a highly technical process which requires a great deal of preparation, skill and precision. The best painters recognize that you are entrusting them with the protection and beautification of your most valuable asset. So if your painter does exceptional work, respects your space, and takes the time to answer your questions, address your concerns, and make you comfortable with the process, consider that a tip may be deserved.

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