How to Remove Wallpaper

Peak Pro’s process to professionally remove wallpaper

Removing wallpaper can be a tedious task, but sometimes it must be done! Here’s is Peak Pro’s process to professionally remove wallpaper:
  • Start on one corner of the wallpaper and peel it off like you would a sticker. This is the most basic technique, and often leaves behind a layer of backing. If there is residual backing left after the initial peel, use a scraper to remove it.
  • For older wallpaper, you’ll need a spray bottle of warm water and wallpaper removing solution. Spray the solution and the water onto and behind the wallpaper, attempt to peel it, and remove the leftover backing with a scraper.

how to remove wallpaper

Completely removing wallpaper is an essential part of an interior painting project. We at Peak Pro Painting understand that preparation tasks are equally as important as the painting itself!

If you need interior painting ideas or want to revamp the rooms in your home with a beautiful new color scheme, we would be more than happy to provide our expertise! Contact us today for a free painting estimate.


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