How to Remove Dry Paint From Bricks

Did you just finish your home renovation and realize that there is cured paint spatters all over your brick wall? Yikes! If there is old, dried paint on brick there is not much you can do without the risk of damaging the bricks. The question you must ask yourself is; is damaging the brick worth the risk? In this Peak Pro Blog we will discuss how to remove dry paint from bricks safely.


When it’s Best to Just Leave the Paint:

There are plenty of methods to removing dried paint from bricks, however they all provide a level of damage to the brick. If the brick is old and brittle you might be doing more harm to the brick than it is worth.


When the Entire Brick Wall is Painted:

Peak Pro believes that it is absolutely essential to assess what sort of abrasion your brick can endure before attempting a huge project like this. The methods of cleaning bricks vary in levels of damage that it will do to the brick; the more scrubbing involved, the more damage.

If your fairly new brick wall was painted and has large areas that are covered, Peak Pro would recommend looking into a gel or paste paint stripping compound along with fabric based peeling strips. It is important to be careful when choosing your paint stripper and make sure that the products you chose is safe to use on brick. The right paint stripper can do much of the work for you, and help you avoid harsh scrubbing.

However in most situations this method can call for scrubbing and scraping by hand to remove the softened layers of paint. It is important to note that removing dried paint off of entire brick walls is a large task and can be very damaging if lots of scraping/scrubbing or power washing is involved.


Removing Paint Spatters:

If you decide you really want the dried paint off regardless of damage, a wire brush should do the trick for small areas. If there is a larger area of dried paint splatters from spraying the exterior of your home, a power washer should quickly and effectively clean large exterior areas. When cleaning small paint splatters,  take a wire brush and gently scrub in circular motions. But again, sometimes it’s best to just leave it alone if it’s only a few spots.


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