How to Protect Flooring While Painting Your Home

Deciding to paint the interior of your home is a BIG decision! In addition to considering the cost of painting and the time required to paint your space, you must also decide how to remove furniture and protect flooring. At Peak Pro Painting company, our contractors are dedicated to protecting all of your home investments. When we prepare an interior space for painting, we begin with a laborious process to protect your furniture pieces and every inch of your floor. This is how we recommend you protect flooring while painting your house.

Step One: Apply roll on plastic to your floors

After we have cleared all of the moveable furniture objects out of the space, we will start by applying a masking plastic to the floors, an easy-to-use roll on adhesive plastic sheet solution. This plastic layer will protect your flooring from any accidental drips of wet paint or voluminous spills. Masking plastic is great for protecting carpeting, large area rugs, and hardwood floors. However, it’s incredibly thin and tares easily. That is why we have step number two!

Step Two: Lay masking paper over the plastic

This may seem redundant to you, but at Peak Pro Painting this is a necessary precaution as a part of our commitment to quality. After we have put down a protective layer of masking plastic, we lay masking paper over the plastic, basically to protect the plastic. Because masking plastic is so thin, it frequently gets torn by the tread of work boots passing over. The masking paper is there to protect the plastic from getting torn by foot traffic or snagged by equipment.

This double layer system guarantees that your flooring is going to be protected during your interior painting project.


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