Product Profile: Dizzolve Brush Cleaner

Looking for an easy way to keep your painting workflow moving smoothly? Check out our profile of Dizzolve below!

Why We Love Dizzolve

We love Dizzolve Brush Cleaner for one huge, obvious reason: cleaning our paint brushes!

Using Dizzolve is easy: we simply mix some of the product in a cup of water, then set our brushes in the solution for 10-15 minutes.

Dizzolve cleaning solution and paint brush cleaner

After the brushes have soaked in the solution for a while, we remove them and wash them with water and a wire brush. Fast, simple, and easy!

As one of the busiest and most popular painting companies in the Denver Metro area, we love products that save us time and increase our efficiency. Dizzolve makes our job that much easier – whether we’re painting houses, apartment buildings, or commercial properties, having a solution to keeping our paint brushes clean makes a huge difference in the long run. If you keep yourself busy on a regular basis with painting projects, we would highly recommend Dizzolve Brush Cleaner! Check out the Dizzolve website for more information.



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