Pro Tip: Set Up Your Own Paint Booth

One of the best tools a professional painter can have is an airless paint sprayer! When you are given the task of painting doors and cabinets and want a fast and flawless solution, an airless paint sprayer is the perfect tool for the job! However, this task is best tackled in a paint booth. Peak Pro would recommend setting up a paint booth in a garage or basement, away from valuables and the outdoors. Painting on the ground is messy and after long hours takes a toll on your back. On the other hand painting outdoors can lead to debris getting caught in the paint’s finish. In this Peak Pro blog we will let you in on how to set up a paint booth so you can avoid these hassles and get the job done perfectly the first time!

Turn your whole room into a paint booth:

Depending on how large your basement, garage or empty room is, it may be most cost effective to turn your whole room into a paint booth, that is, if it is not too large. All you will need is masking tape, masking plastic, masking paper and a drop cloth. Mask all ceilings, walls and floors completely.

Make a paint booth:

This alternative may be more on the pricey side but this step by step How to Create a Paint Booth is great if you need cheap and reusable painting booth.

How to use your paint booth, the Peak Pro way:

Paint booths are great when you need to paint multi dimensional objects like doors, cabinets or furniture. When Peak Pro paints doors we always make sure to take them off their hinges and paint them in a painting booth we have constructed by masking an entire room. First we lean the doors on to the wall and paint with our airless paint sprayer. It is important not to touch them until paint dries. Next, we flip the doors and paint the other side. Make sure to take your time and not rush.

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