Masking Paper vs. Masking Plastic on Floors

Why stress about ruining your hardwood floors, when you can protect them from paint splatters with Peak Pro’s proper masking technique? Your floors are the most vulnerable thing when it comes to paint splatters. If you have too much paint in combination of painting too fast- your floors will end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting. It’s best that you mask the floors before you even dip your paintbrush in paint. In this blog post we are going to let you in on how we professionally mask floors when we paint homes in Denver.

Masking Paper

Masking paper is great when you want to protect the trim of your room from paint splatters and drips. It does a great job of creating a shelf that catches paint. However when using masking paper to cover the entirety of your floor you must know that it is fairly absorbent, and cannot protect against large spills. This is where masking plastic comes in handy.


Masking Plastic

Masking plastic is awesome at catching large spills and keeping moisture from penetrating onto your hardwood floors or carpet. It is also great at masking windows and large objects while spraying your home. But the downside of masking plastic is that it is very delicate and can be ripped easily when walked on.


Masking Plastic or Masking Paper for floor coverage?

Why choose one when you can use both! Combine these two masking styles and you have a durable and spill proof way to mask your floors. Choosing one of these masking methods wont fully protect you from spills. Peak Pro always recommends to use paper and plastic. You should first lay down the masking plastic  to make sure you protect the floor, and lay the masking paper onto of that. Masking paper is pretty much there to protect the plastic from tears. So it is best to use both, you’ll get double the coverage.

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