How & Why We Mask a Roofline Before Painting

Today we’ll be discussing how and why we mask our clients’ roofline before we start painting. Read on to learn how Peak Pro protects your roof while we paint!

Why we mask the roofline before we start painting

We always begin our rooftop projects by masking the roofline. We do this because we want to paint areas of the structure that have already been painted, and not the roof itself. Protecting the roof from paint is a very high priority.

Masking the roofline before painting

How we mask the roofline and paint around it

In preparation to paint around a roofline, we first gather our materials: 12-inch masking paper, masking tape, and a device called a masker to dispense the tape along the paper. Next, we install the masking paper onto the roof along the siding (or stucco) using the masker. For extra protection against paint overspray, we always lay down two layers of paper (24 inches).

We always work in sections when painting around a roofline. Masking tape needs to be taken off the surface of the roof as soon as possible after painting is completed, or it can become very difficult to remove. Also, if there happens to be any paint overspray, we can clean it up immediately after it occurs while the paint is still wet.

Check back in to the Peak Pro Painting 101 blog next week to learn about our favorite cleaning product – Lift Off!


Note: Peak Pro Painting is not responsible for any damage caused by mishandling of products or wrongful application of painting practices.

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