How To Use A Ladder Safety Pivot

As one of Denver’s most trusted home painting companies, we at Peak Pro Painting want to show how highly we value safety and protocol throughout our best-practice painting services. We always take every precaution when executing a painting job, and hope you do as well!

What is a ladder safety pivot?

A safety pivot is an important tool for ladder safety. It’s a device that’s mainly used when painting a wall above an uneven floor surface (like exterior painting on a roof, for example). We simply wedge the pivot under the downhill side of the ladder in order to make a flat, 90 degree angle for the ladder legs to rest on.
Ladder safety pivot

Keep it safe!

Every time we use the ladder safety pivot for a residential or commercial project in Denver, we always double check for safety. Always make sure the ladder is safe and sturdy before climbing, and that the pivot is locked into position. Also, always make sure someone is holding the bottom of the ladder before and while you use it.
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Note: Peak Pro Painting is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by improper handling of products or practices described.

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