How To Remove Latex Paint From Flagstone

Cleaning and Protecting Your Flagstone From Paint

When cleaning paint off of flagstone, you unfortunately run the risk of damaging it. One option to remedy this is to simply flip over the flagstone. If you can’t, or simply prefer to clean it, there is a way to do that as well. If you accidentally drip paint onto your flagstone, always remember: the sooner you clean it off, the easier it is. If the paint hasn’t dried, water and a rag will get it right off without much risk of damaging the stone.


Removing paint from flagstone


How “Lift Off” Removes Paint From Flagstone

If the paint sits on the flagstone for longer than one hour, you’ll need a water-based latex paint remover to help loosen up the paint. We like to use the safe and effective product “Lift Off.”

Here’s our process: spray the Lift Off onto the paint and let it sit for 20-60 seconds – the longer the better, but don’t let it dry onto the surface! After that, take a wire brush and lightly brush the surface of the flagstone in a circular motion until the paint is completely gone. You can always use more product for tougher paint stains.

Lift Off help remove paint from flagstone

Cleaning paint from flagstone can be tricky business, but we hope we’ve helped you understand the process. Tune in to the Painting 101 Blog next Monday to learn how to clean latex paint from vinyl windows!


Note: Peak Pro Painting is not responsible for flagstone damage resulting from improper cleaning.

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