How to Paint an Interior Accent Wall

Interior accent walls add flare and variety to an interior space. Vibrant, bold accent colors make a room come to life! Here are some of our favorite colors schemes to consider for your accent wall.

Color Ideas for Accent Walls

Accent Wall Color Ideas by Peak Pro PaintingAccent Wall Color Ideas by Peak Pro PaintingAccent Wall Color Ideas by Peak Pro Painting

Step One: Prep Your Accent Wall

The first thing you need to do is mask the floor about 3-4 feet out with plastic or tarps. If there are any old nail or screw holes, fill them with caulking. Then tape off the walls, baseboards and ceilings around your accent wall.  Use 2″ tape so you don’t get paint on the other walls. Once you have tape around your accent wall, apply caulking to the tape lines. (the caulking is used to create a seal which helps make good lines with no bleeding) Once you apply the caulking, take a wet rag and run it over the caulking to get rid of excess caulking. Once this is done your ready to paint!

Step Two: Trim & Paint

Start by cutting in the edges and corners of your accent wall with a brush. Remember to paint on to the tape so that the tape can create straight lines. Once you have it all cut in, take your roller and roll the wall in a thick, even pattern. Some colors may need 2-3 coats to fully cover the old color.

Step Three: Allow Wall to Dry & Remove Tape

Always wait for the paint to dry before removing masking tape to make sure that the paint covered well and you don’t have any light spots. Remove all tape and masking and wait atleast 24 hours for paint to cure before hanging pictures or putting furniture against the freshly painted wall.

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