How to Choose an Accent Wall Color

If you’re looking for the perfect interior painting idea, why not consider an accent wall for the interior of your home? Painting an accent wall is a tasteful way to add aesthetic value to your house. And they’re fun to paint!

Choosing the right accent color for you

How to choose an accent wall color

If you want to do something simple that doesn’t make too loud of a statement, choose a small wall and an accent color that is close to your body color.
If you’re in need of a big change in the room, pick a big, bold color that stands out. When choosing a color look for one that’s accented elsewhere in the room, like a couch pillow or your bedspread, or maybe even a color in a picture on the wall.
When you find the right color, you’ll know! The accent wall gives your room new life, new character, and new flavor. Give Peak Pro Painting a call for fresh accent wall color ideas!
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