How to Cut a Straight Line While Painting


How to Cut a Straight Line While Painting:

It’s easier than it sounds. A perfectly straight line of paint where your wall meets your ceiling. Maybe you have tried countless times with blue painters tape or maybe you have invested in ceiling paint. We thing there is a better way. We took a few moments to demonstrate a little technique we like to use when painting interior walls.

Step by Step: How to Cut a Straight Line While Painting

1) Load a high-quality, angled paint brush (such as a Purdy or Wooster) with 1″ depth of paint or other material. Don’t skimp on price with brushes – You want to purchase the best.

2) Grip the brush like a pen around the brush head, not by the handle. Use your index finger as a guide for cutting the line and lightly grip the brush head with the rest of your fingers and palm of your hand.

3) Wipe excess paint off of brush bristles first; then angle the brush towards the area you want to cut the line.

4) Move your hand slowly…Focus your line of site just beyond the bristles of the brush and the edge you are cutting.
Many rookies will look at the brush instead-Don’t do this, you’ll paint over the edge! Just like walking or driving, you must focus in what’s ahead

5) Reload brush and repeat.

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