How to Clean Paint Off Asphalt Roofs

Are you thinking of painting the exterior of your home, but afraid to ruin your asphalt roof with paint spatters? Asphalt roofs and asphalt shingles are some of the most common roofs we see on our clients homes. However they can make for a tricky clean up if you do not mask the roof properly. Peak Pro, your Denver commercial painting company understands that accidents do happen, so we will let you in on how to clean paint off asphalt roofs.

Some believe that the only way to get rid of paint splatters on asphalt roofing is to either re-shingle that patch, or to paint over the splatter with a matching color. But as long as you are prepared for future paint splatters, this should only be considered when all else fails. When we are painting the exterior of a home we make sure to thoroughly masks asphalt roofs because they are typically not easy to clean. Peak Pro’s professional home painters always take extra measures to ensure NOT getting any paint on asphalt roofs, (or any roofs for that matter). But, realistically speaking, mistakes happen and if you ever get a little overspray on to the roof, there is a way to clean it!


You can’t always predict an accident but you can surely prepare for one- and that is exactly what we recommend. Even if you do professional home painting in Denver (like us), it is never a bad idea to keep a latex based paint remover near by.


The moment you see that paint drop or spray onto your asphalt roof, immediately stop what you’re doing. You will want to grab a hose and your latex based paint remover. First you will want to spray you latex based paint remover and let that sit for 2-5 minutes. This will help keep the paint from drying and loosen it enough to come off a textured surface.

3:Then, spray the area clean with a water hose. Repeat the process until the paint is completely gone!

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