Avoiding Dry Rot

Dry Rot pictureDry rot in wood occurs when moisture penetrates through the surface. This can happen through cracks, holes and other surface problems with the wood.

Dry rot is a dangerous situation for a house because it can lead to moisture damage on the inside of the home if the moisture travels far enough and also mold.

The most common areas for dry rot to occur are on horizontal surfaces, such as window- sills, rail tops and deck boards. It can also occur on vertical boards such as trim and siding boards below leaky gutters or downspouts.

Repair for dry rot can be as simple as gutting the wood and filling it with wood putty/filler or replacing the board completely.

Trim and siding boards are usually simple to replace; window and door casements are very challenging on often require entire casement replacement. Just one windowsill replacement can cost $300-$500, depending on the type of casement.

Many homeowners will let a home go too long before painting and the resin in the paint breaks down completely, allowing moisture to seep through the paint coat into the wood.

The key to avoiding dry rot is to maintain your home! Make sure that all cracks are sealed up with a durable, paintable caulking and prime/paint any areas that are wearing thin on paint.

Most homes need to be repainted every 8-10 years, depending on the quality of the previously used paint.

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