How To Stain Wooden Furniture

Does your old wood furniture need some serious TLC? Take it back to its natural beauty with a fresh coat of wood stain. In this Peak Pro blog we will teach you how your Highlands Ranch painting company professionally stains wood furniture.

First Step:

Preparation is key when staining wood furniture. It is essential that you first sand down your surface with coarse sandpaper along the natural grain of the wood(lower numbers indicate a coarser grit). If you are staining raw wood, feel free to skip the first and second step!

Second Step:

Thought you were done sanding? Think again! Once your surface is smooth from your first round of sanding, move onto a medium/ finer grit sandpaper (higher numbers indicate a finer grit). Sand until smooth to the touch.

Third Step:

Here’s the easy part; take a moist cloth and wipe away the sawdust. Or use mineral spray on a clean cloth and wipe with the grain of the wood. Although this is the easiest step, it should never  be overlooked because you always want a clean surface before you paint or stain wood furniture!

Fourth Step:

Here comes the fun part: STAINING your wood furniture!  Get your materials together, like a soft rag or sponge or even a paint sprayer if you have one. Even if you are a professional you will want to prepare your area for any spills or splatters. Before you start staining your wood furniture, take note that the longer the stain is on the wood/the more coats you apply will make for a darker color. Peak Pro recommends 2-3 coats of stain applied evenly with the grain of the wood.



Once you have reached your desired color, it is time to apply a varnish finish on you renovated wood furniture. The most common varnish finishes used is polyurethane and Tung oil.


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