How to Spray a House Exterior

Justin Shultz with Peak Pro Painting here today to show you how to spray the exterior of your home. If you are thinking of taking on the task of painting the exterior of your home you might want to consider using a spray method. This will speed up the process substantially!

First step:

Make sure to fully mask anything that you don’t want to be painted. Over spray is bound to happen, and it is best to assume that anything in the near area will get paint on it. However this can be prevented with the proper masking. Masking for spraying the exterior of a home is more extensive than just lining the trim of the house. Masking should be done over any window with plastic and adhered with tape. Patio Furniture, fences, brick, and the ground are all at risk of getting painted. On windy days, even your neighbors homes or cars could be at risk of the paint traveling farther than anticipated. Proper masking is a necessary to ensure a nice clean finished look without messy splatters.

Second Step:

Spray in a consistent left to right pattern, this fluid motion will make sure you don’t forget where you are spraying and ensures a nice even coverage. Make sure you keep the sprayer moving so not to over saturate the paint. The optimum distance to keep the sprayer from the surface is around 10in to 14in.

Third Step:

Make sure you are spraying at an 45 degree upward angle so that you can get the underside of the paneling. The direction when spray painting can have a dramatic effect on the final appearance. Typically a horizontal direction across the surface works best.

Fourth step:

Overlap your spray at least 50 percent to guarantee an even spray coat. By overlapping your spray you can avoid gaps and light spots.

Fifth Step:

Peak Pro encourages you to make sure you are using the right spray tip. To get the best coverage for large areas we recommend using either a 5 11 or 5 17 spay tip.The 5 17 spray tip will use more paint but will help save you time.

Sixth Step:

Always review your work before moving on to the next side of your home. This will give you the opportunity to step back and make sure their are not any light spots.
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