How To Set Up a Ladder On Asphalt Roofs

Setting up a ladder on asphalt roofs can be tricky, and dangerous. When confronted with the task of reaching a third floor or raised roof that is out of reach, you’re probably wondering how to use a ladder on a asphalt roofs? Maybe the roof has a steep incline and you don’t know how to safely level it? And, how to avoid damaging the shingles? Peak Pro will give you the professionally advice to all of these questions in this blog!


But first, Some Important Safety Tips:

  • Be sure that all locks on an extension ladder are properly engaged
  • Use a ladder only on a stable and level surface, unless it has been secured (top or bottom) to prevent displacement.
  • Avoid electrical hazards! – Look for overhead power lines before handling a ladder.
  • Use a harness when necessary.
  • Have a friend spot and support ladder.  

When setting up a ladder on asphalt roofs, it’s important to set it up properly so that you don’t damage the roof. Always make sure to use ladder pads and/or ladder pivots. Protecting your roof  only takes a few seconds, and can save you a lot of time repairing torn shingles.

pivot ladder tool

Pivit Ladder Tool

If you need to use a ladder on a steep shingle roof, you need a Pivit Ladder tool. This tool will give you a sturdy and level base to place your ladder on slanted ground. The Pivit ladder leveling boxes are lined in rubber so that you a have traction to shingled roofs and provides some protection to the shingles. A ladder that has self leveling feet works best when working on asphalt roofs. Always take extra caution, have a spotter  support the Pivit ladder tool and the ladder when on asphalt roofs.

Roof Boot

A roof boot is a metal tool that you drill into the roof that works as a stopper for the base of a ladder. All you do is lay the ridge hook of the ladder on the apex of the house, and determine where to apply your roof boot. Hammer in the roof boot with long nails and attach to the bottom rung of the ladder. This could also be used in conjunction with the pivit ladder tool providing extra protection from your ladder sliding or damaging asphalt roofs.

To ensure your asphalt shingles are protected:

Never put the metal sides of a ladder down on asphalt roofs without protecting the roof shingles.

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