How To Remove Paint From Carpet

Anyone who has ever handled paint knows one simple truth – painting can quickly become messy. There’s no such thing as a perfect paint job! Here’s what to do if (and when) you spill paint on a carpet.

How To Remove Paint From Carpet:

How to remove paint from carpet

While repainting a wall in your home, you accidentally spilled some paint on the carpet. What do you do? First of all, stop everything you’re doing! Next, retrieve a bucket of warm water and a few rags. Soak the rag in the water and scrub the paint stain away. Use as much water as it takes to remove paint and get the stain completely out.

Keep in mind: paint removal products are unnecessary, unless the paint has dried already. Keep an eye out for paint drips as you work so you can remove paint quickly using water. It’s faster and easier than paint remover!

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