Pros and Cons of Using Oil Based Paint

Are you beginning your next paint project and wondering if you should use oil based paint? Here are some pros and cons of using oil based paint to consider for your painting project.

Using Oil Based Paint Pros:

  • Oil based paints hold up really well in high traffic areas and against Colorado weather
  • It covers better in one single coat
  • Oil based paint goes on smoother
  • Takes longer to dry, giving you more time to work

Doors using oil based paint by Peak Pro Painting

Using Oil Based Paint Cons:

  • The fumes in oil based paint are really strong and overwhelming
  • You need solvents like mineral spirits to clean up brushes and all other tools
  • Clean up and use of clean up solvents need to be managed carefully
  • More likely to yellow over time

We hope this gives you some information to make an informed painting decision. Stay tuned next week for our Pros and Cons of latex based paint.

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