Prepping Interior Walls For Painting

Prepping to Paint Interior Walls

5 Steps for Preparing Interior Walls for Painting

Interior painting may be the most popular do-it-yourself project. After all, choosing a color and applying it to a wall is a fun and relatively simple way to update or add interest to an interior space. However, if you’re not careful, finished painting products can easily give themselves way as DIY work. One of the most important steps that do-it-yourselfers tend to forget is prep work. Done correctly, prep can help take a project from petty to professional. Here are the 5 steps you don’t want to miss when preparing your interior space for paint:

  • Scrape off bits off wall that are beginning to flake off, usually around large nail holes. Be careful here, if you scrape off more than you need to, you’ll damage your drywall texture.
  • Sand where you’ve scraped to smooth out the surface.
  • Fill in dents, holes and cracks with paintable caulk or painter’s putty. Again, be careful that you’re not erasing your wall’s texture.
  • Once the putty is dry, you may want to sand it again to erase knife marks or other imperfections.
  • If you’re doing a drastic color or sheen change, you should also prime the walls before you paint them to ensure for optimal coverage.

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