How To Powerwash A House


How to Powerwash a House

It is important to keep your paint job well maintained.Simply power washing once a year can add life to your house. As the leading Denver home painters we wanted to provide a few tips to properly power wash your home.

Step One: Ensure Your Home is Properly Sealed

First, make sure to close all windows, doors, vents, etc.

Step Two: Identify and Treat Mold and Mildew

Second, identify any mold or mildew on siding, trim, or other areas. Use a product such as “Mold Avenger” or other bio-degradable mold killers and light water & bleach mix for mildew. Most power washers have intake hoses for mold/mildew agents. Simply add the mix to power wash.

Step Three: Powerwash With Proper Sweeps

Last, powerwash the structure, standing at a safe distance of at least 5 feet away to prevent damage to surface. Start up high on a ladder with soffits and fascia/gutters and work your way down, “sweeping” dirty areas downwards with the spray. Avoid close contact with wood, plants, skin/eyes and other delicate surfaces. Use a wide spray tip for larger areas and a narrow tip for narrow areas, such as trim and fascia. Most power washer nozzles will be adjustable.

Each side of an average sized home will take around a half hour to powerwash when done correctly.

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