How to Paint a Front Door

At Peak Pro Painting we believe the secret to a perfect paint job is in the details. Finishing touches like trim, shutters, and doors will make your home stand out. But how do you execute these details with professional precision? Our Denver painting contractors are here to share their tips on how to paint a front door like a pro!

1. Prep the Door

The first thing you want to do when painting a front door is to take it off the hinges. Once the door is removed, make sure that the door is completely clean and dry.Carefully mask off the door handle and any windows that might be on the door. Once that is done, scrape and sand any areas that have peeling, sagging or drip marks. Then, prime the areas that have been sanded. Once all of your prep work is done your door is ready to be sprayed.

2. Spray the Door

When spraying a front door, you always want to make sure you find a place where there is no wind, such as a garage or basement. Always take your time and spray it on thick, even, and in a vertical pattern. Always make sure you give the door at least 2-3 hours to completely dry before touching any of the painted areas. Once the paint is dry you can unmask the door and put it back on the hinges.

Before & After Photos

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