Fading Exterior Paint in Colorado

Fading exterior paint

How Colorado Sunshine Effects Our Exterior Paint

We get an average of 300 days of sunshine here in Colorado, which is nothing to complain about, but it really takes a toll on the exterior paint that protects our homes.

Fading exterior paint gives your home a “washed” or “worn” look and is quite unsightly. Your neighbors won’t like you and your HOA will disown you, but the issue of fading actually goes deeper than the cosmetic level.

When the sun beats down on your home, harmful UV rays actually break down the paint and the resins turn to a chalky, bleached substance. This means that those resins are no longer protecting your home.

Not only is it easier to notice fading on homes with dark colors, but those colors will also fade quicker. Dark colors absorb sunlight so they’re more greatly affected by UV rays. It’s like wearing a black shirt on a hot day; you’ll be steaming long before your friend who wore a white shirt.

If you go too long before repainting your faded home, you will notice your siding start to warp and become wavy. This is because the resin that used to protect your home from moisture has now transformed into a chalk that serves no purpose. Moisture is now free to seep into your siding and creating warping.

So if your house seems to be fading or chalking, it is time to get painted! Don’t wait until you see your siding start to deteriorate. At that point, you may be looking at wood replacement—we all know how costly that can be! Make sure to do a thorough pressure wash to clean the surface of any chalking before applying paint.

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