Different types of finishes for different rooms in your home?

There are several finishes that paint manufacturers produce. There is a flat paint, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, eggshell, low luster, & satin. Each of these finishes has a specific function that works better in some places in your home than in others.


For instance, for exterior painting, we recommend using a semi-gloss. A satin finish is reflective of sunrays and helps the paint stay fresh longer, saving your money in the long run!


For Interior painting, the location of the paint varies. For the walls, we recommend an eggshell paint because it allows for washing and has more resistance to scuffing.   On your ceiling, we recommend a flat paint because it will hide imperfections and uneven texture. And finally, on your baseboards and doors, we recommend a semi-gloss because it is a bit more damage resistant to high traffic areas.

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