How to Choose a Professional Colorado House Painter


How to Choose the Right Colorado House Painter?

When picking a Colorado house painter, remember first off not to accept the lowest bid. A lower bid might come from a contractor who is cutting corners either with their materials or labor. In the painting industry, contractors can water down paint or skip necessary preparation, which will ultimately cause your paint job to fail sooner.

When choosing a Colorado house painter look for the following:

Colorado paint contractors should have at least $1 million of Liability Insurance and Full Worker’s Compensation. This is one way contractors look to cut corners. If a painting company doesn’t have insurance, then a $5,000 paint job could turn to a $250,000 dollar medical bill.

Does your potential paint company use high quality paint? Most contractors can easily water down their paint or use a lower grade of paint. Ask what deals larger companies get on paint for buying in bulk, if they water down their paint, and what grade of paint they use.

A Colorado house painter that has been around for a while can cut corners to save money. Cutting corners in preparation will cause your paint job to fail sooner, thus causing you to repaint sooner. Ask about their prep process. Do they scrape, sand and prime? Do they re-caulk all failing areas? Do they power wash and stucco patch?

Customer Service:
How much time does your Colorado home painter spend during their estimate with you? Most companies will service between 400-500 homes in a summer, so most companies will be eager to give you a quick bid for 20-30 minutes and leave. A quality company will spend more time at the estimate to give you a detailed bid with a price freeze. Ask yourself: Is this company on time? Do they look professional? Do they use industry standards? Do they have a detailed contract? Do they offer a warranty? Are they binded in their agreement to only collect final payment when you’re fully satisfied with the job? These are all important when selecting a Denver painting contractor.

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